Ideation Studio

N401 Content Studio

Elevate Your Thinking

It’s a bold statement for a space that is designed to do just that. North401 Ideation Studio was built to turn your small ideas into big ones. With expansive window views onto a lively 1st Avenue landscape in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis, this place welcomes energy, movement and creative thinking.

Just What You Need

This space welcomes creative development, brainstorms, speaker series, conferences and events alike.

  • Expansive, wall-to-wall natural lighting
  • 11-foot drop-down projector screen
  • Presentation podium
  • Wireless microphone system
  • Digital capabilities, Wi-Fi
  • Expansive, 8-foot-wide and 4-foot-tall movable whiteboards
  • Flexible seating arrangements and desks
  • Kitchenette

Floor Plan

N401 Ideation Studio Floorplan